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Worcestershire Key Documents

Altered Airways - Tracheostomy/Laryngectomy

Please note that the clinical key documents are not designed to be printed, but to be viewed on-line.  This is to ensure that the correct and most up to date version is being used.  If, in exceptional circumstances, you need to print a copy, please note that the information will only be valid for 24 hours and should be read in conjunction with the Key Document Supporting Information and/or Key Document intranet page, which will provide approval and review information.
999 SMS Service 

Useful websites/links 

SLT contact numbers 

WAHT Training Days - 

  • Twice/year - Every March and September 
  • 1 day course 
  • CHEC 
  • Contact: Catherine Ball, Head and Neck Specialist Nurse

Useful Contacts - 

Critical Care Outreach - 

7 days a week, 08.00am-08.00pm 

  • Worcester Royal Hospital: Ext 39555  Bleep 0421/0422
  • Alexandra Hospital: Ext 44233   Bleep 0216/021


Respiratory Physiotherapists - 

Monday-Friday 08.30-16.30: 

  • Worcester Royal Hospital: Bleep 0307
  • Alexandra Hospital: Bleep 0240


Oncall (Out of Normal Hours and Weekends) 

  • Worcester Royal Hospital: Bleep 0303
  • Alexandra Hospital: Bleep 0240

Catherine Ball 

Head and Neck Specialist Nurse 

WRH bleep 694 or ext 39155/39151


Key Document Supporting Information

Document Code - WAHT-KD-030 

Owner/Lead - 

Approval Date - 4th March 2020 

Review Date - 4th March 2023 

Version - 1

Page last updated: 16 December 2020