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Quality Surveillance Team (formally National Cancer Peer Review programme) (DRAFT)

This guidance does not override the individual responsibility of health professionals to make appropriate decision according to the circumstances of the individual patient in consultation with the patient and /or carer.  Health care professionals must be prepared to justify any deviation from this guidance.

Cancer quality overview
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Pathway Information


This is a national quality assurance programme for NHS cancer services.

The programme involves both self-assessment by cancer service teams and external reviews of teams conducted by professional peers, against nationally agreed quality measures.


All National Quality specfic MDT and Service indicators can be found at https://www.qst.england.nhs.uk  

Please contact a member of Trust Cancer Services for any further information wah-tr.cancerservices.nhs.net


The documentation required to complete Quality Surveillance Programe :



  • MDT/service Operational Policy


  • MDT/service Operational meeting


  • MDT/service Annual Report


  • MDT/service Work programme


  • MDT /service Self Assessment Report and Compliance


Cancer Quality Surveiallance Policy

Please click on each text button for relevant MDT/service document and information to help your MDT/service complete the process


Page last updated: 15 August 2018