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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

What is BOPP?

Better Outcomes for Patients Programme (BOPP)

The BOPP (annual forward plan) is an agreed programme of clinical audit activity for every financial year.  It is developed using Trust strategic priorities and statutory requirements such as NCAPOP and NHS England Quality Accounts List. Please read the Clinical Audit Policy for full details on the BOPP

The completion of the BOPP supports the Trust’s signature behaviours:

Do as we say we will do

Submit a BOPP and demonstrate completion in the agreed timeframe

No delays, every day

Complete the BOPP projects by year end

We listen, we learn, we lead

Discuss the BOPP with colleagues, share results and learning

Work together, Celebrate together

Celebrate the success of completing the BOPP and the changes to patient outcomes as a result of the audits. 

A copy of a Division/Speciality BOPP is available either from the relevant Speciality Audit Lead or from the Clinical Audit Team

Page last updated: 20 March 2019