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Worcestershire Key Documents

Critical Care Key Documents

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Contact Information

Shelley Goodyear, Matron

shelley-ann.goodyear@nhs.net ext: 42019

Dr Andy Burtenshaw, Clinical Director

andrew.burtenshaw@nhs.net ext:30723

Steve Randle, Directorate Manager

stephen.randle@nhs.net ext:30733

Samantha Ruston, Directorate Support Officer/Rota Coordinator

wah-tr.GASRota@nhs.net ext:30723 / DD:01905 760637

Approved by Clinical Governance

Key Document Supporting Information

Dr Nick Cowley
Ed Mitchell
Alison Spencer
Ruth Mullet
Gareth Sellors
Andrew Burtenshaw
Sian Bhardwaj
Nick Fitton
Sally McNally
Clifford Dwenger

GPICS - Process
Approval date -
28th January 2021
Review date -  
28th January 2024

GPICS- Disease Management
Approval date - 21st February 2018
Review date -
8th October 2021

GPICS- Disease Prevention
Approval date  -
28th January 2021
Review date  -  
28th January 2024

Critical Care Outreach
Approval date - 14th October 2019
Review date -
14th October 2022

Other Critical Care Guidelines
Approval date - 28th January 2021
Review date - 
28th January 2024

This is the most current document and should be used until a revised version is in place

Reference Code - WAHT-KD-022

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Page last updated: 05 September 2022