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Worcestershire Key Documents

Obstetrics Key Documents Page

Please note that the clinical key documents are not designed to be printed, but to be viewed on-line.  This is to ensure that the correct and most up to date version is being used.  If, in exceptional circumstances, you need to print a copy, please note that the information will only be valid for 24 hours and should be read in conjunction with the Key Document Supporting Information and/or Key Document intranet page, which will provide addtional information including approval and review dates.

Bereavement Care Guideline for Management of Women and their Family Experiencing the Loss of a Baby 

Care in labour including risk assessment

Eating and drinking in labour

Emergency caesarean section

Enhanced Care for the Severely Ill Obstetric Patient

Foetal blood sampling

Guidelines for in-utero transfer from Worcester Royal Hospital

Group B Streptococcal infection/guidelines for prevention of neonatal infection

Induction of labour (IOL)

Investigation of Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy and the management of gestational thrombocytopenia

Intrapartum surveillance

Intrapartum and postpartum bladder care

Induction of Labour - Previous Caesarean VBAC with Foley Catheter

Management of breech presentation including external cephalic verison

Multidisciplinary care of the pregnant woman known to be HIV positive

Multidisciplinary care of the pregnant women known to be Hepatitis C positive

Multidisciplinary care of the pregnant woman known to be Hepatitis B

Management of women with gestational diabetes

Multiple pregnancy

Management of obese women in pregnancy

Multidisciplinary guideline for the management of Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction (PGD)

Management of women who refuse blood transfusion including blood products in pregnancy and postnatal periods

Management of pregnancy and labour following lower segment caesarean section

Management of women with ruptured uterus

Protocol for Third Trimester Ultrasound Scans

Guidelines for Third Trimester Scanning

Protocol for the 18+0 - 20+6 week Anomaly Scan

Protocol for dating scans

Protocol for Viability Scans

Guideline for Prenatal Diagnosis and Management of Vasa Praevia

Spontaneous preterm labour 

sFLt/PIGF Ration in the Management of Suspected Pre-eclampsia

RCOG Guidance - VTE Risk Assessment Tool

Worcestershire Obstetric Warning WOW chart

Approved by Clinical Governance

Key Document Supporting Information

Owner:  Dr Hillman

Approval date - 15th November 2019 

Review date - 15th November 2022 

These are the most up to date and should be used until a revised version is in place.

Version 5

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Obstetric Key Amendment Table

Obstetric Key Document Monitoring Tool

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Page last updated: 12 January 2021