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Paediatric Key Documents

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Key Document Supporting Information

Approval date - 26th March 2021

Review date 26th March 2024

These are the most up to date version and should be used until a revised version is in place.

Version  7

Approved by :  Paediatric Quality Improvement Meeting

Approved by Clinical Governance

Care pathway for children and young persons with febrile neutropenia, neutropenic sepsis or suspected central venous line infections

Henoch-schonlein purpura (refer to PIP guideines)

Implanted central venous access device (alternatively called a port) in children

Management of acute presentation of primary Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) in children

Paediatric blood transfusion policy - see Appendix 3 Transfusion of Blood Components for Infants and Children

Skin tunnelled central venous catheters in children

Safe administration of chemotherapy for malignant disease in paediatrics      

The following documents are Birmingham Children's Hospital policies and permission has been granted for these to be used- 

Cover letter for Paediatric Oncology Policies

Guideline for the Management of Tumour Lysis Syndrome

Guideline for the Administration of Chemotherapy for Malignant Disease 

Guideline for the immunisation of Children following treatment with Standard-dose Chemotherapy 

Guideline for the immunisation of Children following treatment with high-dose Chemotherapy 

Procedure for the managment of body waste and clinical samples from patients receiving Cytotoxic drugs 

CCLG and Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital Guideline on the Management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting

Guideline for the prevention, recognition and management of fever in Children and Young People with Cancer 

Procedure for the Management of spillage of cytotoxic drugs 

Policy for the use of personal protective Equipment when handling chemotherapy, spillage of chemotherapy, body waste and/or clinical samples from patients receiving chemotherapy 

Policy for the Care and Management of central venous catheters 

Policy for the care and management of ports 

Policy on the Handling of chemotherapy by staff who are pregnant or breastfeeding 

Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy induced Diarrhoea 

Policy for Pregnancy testing and contraception for pregnancy prevention before Surgery/X-ray, Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy and treatment with medicines of Teratogenic potential 

Key Document Contact Information

If you require any information not currently available, please contact the pathway owner

Endocrine and Metabolism

Owner- Dr J West & Diane Cluley


Owner- Dr C Onyon, Paul Watson


Owner - Dr Weckemann Dr Harry

Haematology and Oncology

Owner- Dr Kamalarajan, Dawn Forbes 


Owner- Dr A Gallagher


Owner- Dr T Dawson


Owner- Dr Ahmed


Owner- Dana Picken

Infectious Diseases

Owner- Dr T Dawson

Anaesthetics/Critical Care

Owner- Dr Shinwari


Owner- Dr A Gallagher

Paediatric Nursing

Owner- Dana Picken

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