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Worcestershire Key Documents

Post Operative Management Following Bariatric Surgery


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This key document page covers nutrition and hydration requirements of adult patients following bariatric surgery and is for use by all healthcare professionals looking after adult inpatients that have undergone bariatric surgery.

This key document page discusses the post-operative management of the bariatric surgery patient.

This key document page focuses on the two operations performed in Worcestershire Royal Hospital-Laparoscopic Sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y-gastric bypass.

Patients generally stay in hospital 2 nights post bariatric surgery. They are admitted to the Theatre Admission Unit on the day of surgery and generally move to Beech Surgical Unit.

Contact Information

Admission of patients post bariatric surgery.

Medical or surgical teams can contact the Bariatric Surgery team for advice if they have a bariatric surgery patient under their care.

Christopher Hogg

Bariatric Surgery Co-ordinator

01905 763333     Ext 30807

Karen Abolghasemi-Malekabadi

Bariatric Surgery CNS

01905 733965     Bleep 573

Fridi Levine

Bariatric Surgery CNS

01905 733965     Bleep 182

Emma White

Bariatric Specialist Dietitian

01905 733965     Bleep 374

Madeleine Williams

Bariatric Specialist Dietitian

01905 733965     Bleep 181

Mr M Wadley

Bariatric Surgeon

01905 733022

Mr A Perry

Bariatric Surgeon

01905 760363

Mr S J Robinson

Bariatric Surgeon

01905 503030     Ext 44337

Page last updated: 05 September 2022