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Worcestershire Key Documents

Theatre Key Documents


 New Key Documents Application

All Trust key documents have now been moved to a new application.

Please use this app to ensure that you are using the most up to date version of the document.

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Policy for the positioning of patients for all Theatre, Maternity and Ophthalmology procedures

Anaesthetic agent spill procedure SOP

Anaesthetic breathing circuit and associated consumables - SOP

Annual Leave Theatres Protocol

Procedure for the safe and secure handling of medicines in theatres

SOP Theatre recovery surge

Theatre etiquette

SOP 8am Safety brief

Electro Surgery Theatre Policy

Discharge criteria from recovery to ward - guideline

Caring for the deceased patient in the perioperative environment policy

Local Anaesthetic block policy

Risk Assessment for Theatre Sentinel Node Biopsy Work WRH

SNLB Local Rules Appendix DP WRH

SOP Sending for Patients for Theatre

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Hair Removal

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Management of Normothermia

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Preparation of the Sterile Field

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Skin Preparation and Peri-Operative Wound Management

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Surgical Hand Antisepsis, Gowning and Gloving

Surgical Site Infection Bundle: Instrument Management

Safe Transfer of Theatre Patients

Specimen Management Policy

Released Removed Body Parts (Human Tissue) To The Patient

SOP for the use of the MeCaSa application

SOP for Surgical Procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wound Closure by Perioperative Specialist Practitioner

Guideline & Procedure for the Injection of Local Anaesthetic by Perioperative Specialist Practitioners

Guideline for Obtaining Informed Consent for named Procedures by Perioperative Specialist Practitioners

SOP for Loading and Unloading Fibreoptic Intubation endoscopes from the extended storage Cabinet in Main Theatre 

SOP for the cleaning of rigid video scopes and bonfils

Theatre Operating Session Schedule Guideline

Theatre Spillage Policy 

SOP for Night Time Operating at Alexandra Hospital

SOP for the Introduction of a Vanguard theatre

SOP for Theatre Assistant Practitioners - Scope of Practice

Contact Information

Owner: Mathew Trotman

Working group: Andy Fryer

Approval date - 13th October 2020  

Review dates - 13th October 2023

This is the most current document and should be used until a revised version is in place

Version 5.1

Key Amendments

Page last updated: 05 September 2022