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Worcestershire Treatment Pathways

Risk Management Policy Pathway (DRAFT)

This guidance does not override the individual responsibility of health professionals to make appropriate decision according to the circumstances of the individual patient in consultation with the patient and /or carer.  Health care professionals must be prepared to justify any deviation from this guidance.

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Pathway Information

The following definitions will be referred to throughout this policy:

A Hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm. For example this could be a substance, an item of equipment or a work procedure. It could even include a potentially aggressive patient,

Risk is the probability or chance that harm from a particular hazard will occur. The extent of the risk included the number of people affected, the consequences for them and the impact across the organisation – the level of risk represents the consequences (severity) of harm and the likelihood of it occurring.

Example of Hazards and their associated Risks:

H&S Risk:

Hazard - Exposure to clinical waste

Risks - Potential risk of ill health resulting from contamination

Potential risk of injury from a needle or other sharp

Clinical risk:

Hazard - Use of unlabelled syringes

Risk - Potential risk of administering the wrong drug resulting in harm to a patient



Page last updated: 04 May 2016